Contruction site during installation of Atlas Components products

   Product Variety & Assurance of Quality

Atlas provides a full range of custom-designed roof trusses, floor trusses, and wall panels for the residential and commercial markets.  Our extensive experience includes apartments, custom-built homes, banks, medical centers, and nursing homes.  No matter what the application, we can serve your building needs with high quality products.  Our designers will work with you to understand your requirements and then select the right products to assure the structural integrity and function of your building.  With computer-aided design, you can be confident of correct loadings, lumber, and metal plates.  Our sophisticated equipment provides the added assurance of accurate truss assembly to design.

          Wall Panels Save Money & Simplify Construction

Wall panels are particularly effective in time-sensitive projects, where complexity of designs makes on-site framing time-consuming and costly.  Even reading drawings can often be difficult on these jobs.  Custom-built wall panels simplify job site management and control of the construction process.  When we provide both wall panels and trusses, all components are color-coded, then stacked in sequence to facilitate your installation.  Because everything is computer-planned as an integrated structure, you will be confident of proper load transfers from the roof, through the wall panels, to the foundation.

Construction site photo of Atlas Components products being installed

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Updates During COVID - 19


During the COVID-19 health emergency, we are committed to safeguarding the health of our employees, families, customers and communities:
The employees of Atlas Components,Inc. are deemed "Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers". We are open and are focused on the safety and well-being of our employees, vendors and customers, we continue to monitor and put protective measures in place to ensure the safety of our workplace.

We are providing delivery service.

You may call us at 815-332-4904 for more information.